ADR Commissions Robot to Linnish Over 500+ Parts




ADR Ltd has successfully programmed and commissioned an ABB robot that can accurately linnish over 500+ different circular bars in preparation for a hot forging process. 

By descibing the part to the robot and grinding requirement the is programmed with a new part in 11 minutes. This includes all robot movements and the camera system used to pick the parts randomly from a conveyor. This diverse programming method gives the robot the ability to linnish one or both ends of the part, linish one, none or both butt ends, adjust process settings quickly and safely, control quality and production factors and mitigates maintenance issues common with other types of programming methods associated to robot linnishing. Even the grinding area upon the linnishing belt can be adjusted to increase the life span of expensive linnishing belts and improve small quality issues. All these settings are accessed through menus upon the robot pendant giving quick safe tuning to the system with minimal disruption to production times and quality.

The approach to the program has given the customer the ability to allow setter/operators to introduce new parts without the need for specialised training, time consuming traditional robot programming, quality trials, and costly scrap.

The cell allows for an operator to randomly load titanium or cobalt circular bars onto a wide conveyor. A camera system connected to the robot gives the robot the ability to pick the randomly placed bars as they enter into the cell. This improves the operator ergonomics and speed at which the operator can load parts in to the cell. The menus which appear upon the robot pendant requests production information such as part number, quantity, inspection frequency and so on relieving the need of additional costs of incorporating a traditional HMI and PLC. A laser displacement system allows the robot to calculate the exact touch point of the bar against the linnishing belt giving astonishing precision to the linnishing process.

The cell exceeded expectations and further potential investment was identified to fully utilise the new robot cell.

Working with AD Robotics further improvements can be identified, specific programming and  support can be provided and a continued backing during the life cycle of the cell is offered giving the customer the support and expertise needed to be competitive and successful.